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Preserving the cultural and historical heritage of jewelry making is the main source of inspiration and motivation for the company. We believe it is our responsibility to support the goldsmith tradition. Goyel is committed to enhancing the skills of its artisans by encouraging innovation and helping them improve their skills through extensive training programs. The combination of the latest and traditional technology is deeply rooted in Goyel's DNA, while paying attention to the environment.

Highest quality

When it comes to sustainable choices, it is essential to determine how many years you can enjoy your favorite piece. Over time, gold fading or turning green is a sign of poor quality. For this reason, we produce all of our products in-house so there is no discrepancy in quality and quality control. Furthermore, we use 18ct and higher gold quality to ensure that you can wear your favorite pieces every day for years. Quality and sustainability is our highest priority.

Environmental Impacts

We realize that mining can have a significant impact on the environment, and minimizing this impact throughout our supply chain is one of our top priorities. We carefully select which suppliers we work with and which countries/regions we source from; we go beyond our own supply chain and strive to bring about overall change and reduce the environmental impact of mining.

Our journey to net zero emission

We believe that our company and the global economy will be stronger in a low-carbon future. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of no more greenhouse gas emissions. As the climate crisis continues to worsen, appropriate action must also be taken to address it. Therefore, we have set ourselves the goal of achieving zero emissions by 2025.

Transformation to sustainable business

Goyel values design excellence and exclusively sells products online. Behind this unusual concept, the focus is on the sustainablility. Our aim is to reduce our overall carbon footprint, lower our costs, and promote the well-being of employees and customers in retail, office, distribution, and manufacturing facilities. We do not need to build polluting buildings in big cities to offer you the best jewelry.  

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