18ct Gold (750/000)

Gold is a bright yellow metal with a strong shine. It has been worshipped by people since ancient times. Because of its high-quality coloring, elegance and corrosion resistance, it is popular in jewelry manufacturing. Its special qualities and rarity have led to attempts to create gold from other elements. Initially, this precious metal was found to be non-recyclable, however, over time, it was revealed that it can still be recycled. In fact, 85% of the gold we use to make jewelry at Goyel is recycled. We always maintain the highest standards to ensure superior quality materials. Gold is simply the perfect material that will make your jewelry shine.

18CT White Gold

18 ct white gold (750/000) is an alloy of yellow gold and palladium. Palladium is a silvery-white shiny metal from the group of platinum metals. The last layer of rhodium gives the desired white-silver color and characteristic glow.

18CT rose gold

When 18 ct gold (750/000) is combined with copper and silver, rose gold is created. The result is a flexible and ductile alloy - one of Goyel's most sophisticated trends.

Some Facts about Gold:

  • 18kt gold is an alloy of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. 24kt gold is 99.995% pure gold.
  • Gold is considered one of the most valuable precious metals. In many cultures, gold has a special value.
  • The bright yellow color indicates that gold was traditionally associated with the sun and used as a symbol of purity and royalty. One can see in old royal paintings that gold played a defining role.
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