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Gemstones are minerals, a natural product, which are specifically shaped and polished to make them suitable for wearing as personal jewelry. Their value depends on their beauty, solidity and rarity. Their vibrant, magnificent colors inspire the most innovative designs. Natural gemstones are formed by nature without human intervention. Most gemstones are minerals by origin. However, they also occur in organic form.


Sapphires belong to the corundum family, and the name "Sapphirus" comes from Latin and refers to a bluish gemstone. The most popular and the most valuable color of a sapphire is an intense blue, but the sapphire comes in many different color variations. You can find this gemstone in yellow, orange, green, colorless and in a light pink color. 


The emerald is a special form of beryl and very demanded in the fashion jewelry industry. The intense and magnificent green colors, are caused by the combination of chromium and vanadium. This special characteristic makes the emerald the best known and most used gemstone. It is known that emeralds have numerous inclusions, which in turn makes a flawless emerald with the right color very precious.


Ruby is one of the most demanded corundum. It is due to its transparency and deep red color, to which it also gets its name from the Latin term "Rubens". Like the emerald, ruby usually has many inclusions. At Goyel, only hand-picked rubies with a splendid red color are used, giving the pieces a majestic look.


This beautiful blue-violet gemstone belongs to the group of zoisites. Generally, this charming gemstone is found in shades of green, yellow, pink or brown, but the stone is most valuable and well-known in the blue-violet color. Many people confuse tanzanites with amethysts or with the blue sapphire.


Morganit ist eine besondere Variante von rosa Beryll welches durch Braunstein entsteht. Das Farbspektrum dieses Minerals  kann von blassrosa bis hin zu lachsrosa reichen. Eine weitere besondere Eigenschaft von diesem Mineral ist, dass dies sehr wenige Einschlüsse haben.

Some Facts about Gemstones:


Hardness is one of the important quality characteristics of a gemstone. It is related to friction and resistance with other elements.

Cut Of A Gemstone

The goal in gemstone cutting should be to highlight the mineral properties such as color, transparency, luster, dispersion, weight and and the special characteristic of the stone as much as possible. Generally, we can distinguish in two cutting methods: Cabochon cutting and facet cutting. In the case of diamonds, other cutting methods are suitable.

Rarity Of A Gemstone

The rarer the gemstone, the more valuable the stone becomes. As a small example, there are several varieties of emeralds, but emeralds from Punjir (Afghanistan) are considered one of the most beautiful, because they have a special color and are difficult to obtain.

Beauty of a gemstone

Each gemstone is special and each gemstone looks different because it is a natural product. Properties such as transparency, luster or color play a special role in the beauty of a gemstone. 

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