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Goyel jewelry is made of precious materials and precious metals selected according to the strictest standards. Certain materials require special care according to their nature. To keep your jewelry beautiful for a long time, please note the following:


Wearing your jewelry memory


Goyel jewelry creations are very precious and therefore require special care and attention. To avoid damage to your memory, we recommend that you do not expose it to perfume, soap, chemicals or cosmetics, as these will affect its color and shape. You should not wear jewelry until the perfume and cosmetics have dried completely. It is very important to keep your work away from water (fresh water, chlorinated water, or salt water) and high temperatures (such as prolonged exposure to direct sunlight). In general, we recommend that you do not wear jewelry during certain activities (sports, gardening, etc.) to avoid collisions or exposure to harmful substances.

Care for your jewelry memory

In order to keep Goyel memories always shining, we recommend that you wipe them with a soft, dry cloth. This method can be safely applied to the jewelry creations of the House of Goyel. Due to its unique properties, diamonds are the only gemstones that are recommended to be cleaned with water. To clean diamond jewelry, use a soft brush and a small amount of pH neutral liquid soap, rinse with warm water and then dry with a soft dry cloth.


Store your jewelry memory

Your Goyel memories should be stored separately from other pieces in a fabric-lined jewelry box to avoid scratches. Some materials used by Maison are more delicate than others and may break if struck. Diamond is the brightest and hardest of all minerals, which means it can scratch softer materials. Therefore, you should always store diamond-studded jewelry separately.

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